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R-Valued Homes Now Offers To Alaska Natives:

New Home Construction Through HUD Section 184 Loan Program

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R-Valued Homes is pleased to announce that it has partnered with an approved lender, Bank of England Mortgage and an Alaska licensed general contractor with a residential endorsement, Jenson & Sons Construction, Inc. to construct new ENERGY EFFICIENT homes for Alaska Natives under the HUD Section 184, single close new construction loan program.


HUD Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program is a home mortgage product specifically designed for American Indian and Alaska Native families, Alaska villages, tribes, or tribally designated housing entities. Congress established this program in 1992 to facilitate homeownership and increase access to capital in Native American Communities.


Advantages of buying an R-Valued home:


  1. Energy Efficient foam core structural insulated panels (SIPs) building envelope) with the highest insulating R-value available anywhere (R-8.2 per inch @ 20° F).

  2. Made in Alaska.

  3. Constructed on your lot where you can watch the progress; not in some out of state manufacturing plant.

  4. The contractor hires local residents (your friend & relatives) to construct your new home.

  5. Since 1998 over 400 R-Valued homes energy-efficient buildings have been built throughout Alaska.





The HUD Section 184, single close new construction loan program is an excellent program for Alaska Native people to own their own home, however, it is a process.  Having said this I wish to point out that the construction window in rural Alaska is very short so the sooner you start the process the sooner you will be enjoying your new house.




  1. Call Douglas McMahon (720) 427-4999 or send him an email at for prequalification.

  2. Select the desired floor plan and options from R-Valued Homes and fill out the estimate form and submit to R-Valued Homes for pricing.

  3. A representative of R-Valued Homes will contact you to discuss your budget (prequalified loan amount) and the options you selected.  Due to the high cost of construction in rural Alaska, be open-minded about the size home you have selected; if your choice exceeds your budget be prepared to change some of your options or choose a different floor plan that fits within your budget.

  4. R-Valued homes will provide a quote for building materials including the cost of shipping to your village for your approval and acceptance, which is subject to loan closure.

  5. R-Valued partnered contractor, Jenson & Sons Construction, Inc. will prepare a quote for the construction of your new house, for your approval and acceptance, which is subject to loan closure.

  6. After the loan has closed, R-Valued Homes will manufacture the SIPs envelope, order building material, coordinate and shipping to your village.

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