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Our Founder: Ron Burkhardsmeier

High School Graduate May 1957

US Air Force Honorable Discharge Nov. 1959

Over Fifty (50) years’ experience in sales/marketing, contracting, manufacturing/fabrication, and management (36 years) in Alaska. Thirteen (13) years of retail sales with ten years (10) as a department manager for a large national retail chain. Ron founded his first business, a heating & air conditioning company, in 1972.

Throughout Ron’s career, his values of integrity, honesty, and fair dealing have gained him the respect of his customers and peers.


In 1998 Ron founded R-Valued Homes, Ltd. (RVH) - a distributor for a Canadian manufacturer of structural insulated panels (SIPS). To increase consumer awareness of the benefits of owning and living in a super-insulated energy efficient SIP house, RVH began building SIP houses. By demonstrating and showing these benefits to prospective customers; Native organizations, owner-builders, contractors, etc. increased RVH distributorship sales. As a builder, RVH has won 9 consecutive Governors awards for energy-efficient construction and the National EPA Cold Climate GOLD award. RVH has sold over 600 single-family houses and commercial structures throughout Alaska.


Ron’s long-term goal was to establish a SIP manufacturing plant in Alaska and with that goal in mind; he founded Alaska Insulated Panels, Ltd. in 2004 as a means of protecting the name.

With the implication of the 2009 Stimulus Act, government-funded projects were prohibited from using foreign-made products. To maintain its customer base (mostly Alaska native governments), RVH leased a building in Wasilla, Alaska and purchased equipment to set up a fabrication plant. By purchasing American-made SIPS and shipping them to Alaska, RVH was able to continue providing SIP structures to its customers. However; between the poor quality control of RVH’s vendor and the shipping damage incurred while bringing SIPs to Alaska, it was difficult for RVH to maintain its standards of quality control. To combat these issues, in 2011 RVH purchased manufacturing equipment and in 2012 began producing and marketing American Made / Made in Alaska SIPs buildings as Alaska Insulated Panels, a dba of RVH.

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