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R-Valued Homes (RVH) was founded in 1998 with the mission “To provide energy-efficient building products to the residents of Alaska for the construction of single-family residences and light commercial structures”.


The core of RVH’s superior energy-efficient building is a polyurethane foam core structural insulated panel (SIP).  RVH’s SIP constructed homes have won nine (9) consecutive Alaska Governor’s Award for energy-efficient construction and the National Association of Home Builders “Energy Valued Housing Gold Award” for the Cold Climate Region.  This superior building product is now manufactured in Alaska.


Over 600 single-family homes and commercial buildings have been built in Alaska and the Yukon Territory, mostly in the rural areas.


Interior Regional Housing Authority, Fairbanks, Alaska has been constructing RVH SIPs home throughout Alaska since 2004.  The owners of these new homes have continuously praised their homes for being comfortable with warm floors and extremely energy efficient.


To learn more about R-Valued Homes please explore our website. If you have any inquiries we can be contacted by phone at 907-357-2769, by fax at 907-357-2770, by email at or by mail at 189 E Nelson # 127, Wasilla, Alaska 99654.




Ron Burkhardsmeier


More than 600 R-Valued Homes have been built in over 100 Native Villages throughout Alaska!

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